Finding a Mentor

The idea of finding mentors is an old one but, oddly, it is one that many people neglect. Whether it’s the thought that we can/should do it ourselves or the fear that no one will think us worthy of mentoring, most of us don’t acknowledge the need for support and how finding support can help us achieve our goals.

When you are starting your own business, project, venture, whatever it is, you will need to be around like-minded people.  People who understand what you are going through will be the best sounding board, and are usually eager to share their experiences and give a word of advice.

This support can take many forms. It can be as formal as joining the appropriate association and using your networking skills, or as informal as tapping into the online community of fellow risk-takers.
If you are developing an app for the first time, there are many parts of the design, development and implementation process that will seem complex and overwhelming or just far enough out of your knowledge base to make you uncomfortable.

Tapping into a network of resources can help you through every stage. Also, more importantly, looking to your friends and acquaintance and tapping into their achievements and hidden talents can also give help where you least expected it.

Imagine it


Imagine it

   What is the first thing you sould do with an app idea ?

One of the first things should be to visualize it and exactly who would be using it.

• Can you identify potential customers?
• Are you following a trend?

Obviously, the app you create is one you would have on your own phone, but do you see a real benefit for others? Does it satisfy an existing need in a clear market?
I think answering these questions will help you to focus on your market in every single step of your project and prepare you to plan the development.
Imagine it!

While on the subject of risk-taking and failure …


I have seen talented people drag their feet and cause delays simply because they become frozen with fear at certain moments. We all have these moments. I take a deep breath and say to myself: whatever happens this is part of the process.  I have to go through this to get to that.

Stumbling, bumbling, embarrassment and failure teaches us what not to do, which is a more valuable lesson than the ones we learn when everything goes right. Take the leap. Succeed or fail. Celebrate or lick your wounds and recover fast!

Getting started


Moving from the idea stage to the starting line is sometimes harder than getting to the finish line. Not knowing what’s ahead can keep you from starting. Gather information, do some planning, then tackle one task at a time.