Seven Mistakes when Hiring a Programmer »

These pages by Offshore Software Success are very insightful and will help App developers avoid common mistakes when outsourcing a project.




  • Mistake # 1 – Not Understanding The User’s Needs
  • Mistake # 2 – Unreasonable Expectations
  • Mistake # 3 – Underestimating the Size of the Project
  • Mistake # 4 – No Shared Vision with the Developer
  • Mistake # 5 – Rushing Through the Planning Stages
  • Mistake # 6 – Letting the Programmer Manage the Project
  • Mistake # 7 – Not Testing Early, Often, or Correctly

Intellectual property

You can protect your work, but not your ideas. Lots of people can have the same or similar ideas. How you execute the idea belongs entirely to you. The idea itself is in the public domain.

Smartphones are definitely the new addiction.


I made a game with my friends once of naming all the things we would give up before we give up our smartphones. Many prized possessions have now taken a back seat to our new ‘connection to the world’. The phone was on the top of the list of things to grab when running from a burning building. Sad, but true.
I think we’ve reached the point of no return. Most people, even those who would never admit addiction, feel a loss and disconnect when we misplace our phones. When spotting a phone accidentally left in a rest room or restaurant, we give a collective groan. Smartphones have become family members.



This app has beautiful graphics. And the clicking sound of the rolling dice gives an amazing, almost tactile experience.