Feature creep

It is natural that, as a project progresses, new ideas come to mind. One idea spawns another. You will be tempted to add flourishes or entirely rework your original concept. My finished project was nothing like the original design. “Feature creep” in application development refers to uncontrolled changes in a project’s scope. Feature creep happens when the boundaries are not set, that is, if a project is not properly defined, documented or controlled. It is generally considered a negative occurrence because it can wreck the timeline and the budget and, thus, should be avoided. If feature creep occurs during the development stage, it can keep you from actually finishing your project and it can make your budget spiral out of control. The difficulty is that people are very visually oriented. Seeing a prototype of a product will give you many more ideas than just reading or hearing the concept. Even people who have been doing development for years can be guilty of changing requirements at the last minute.