How intrusive will facial recognition be?

The big fear is obviously, a lack of privacy. Too much information is already on the internet – our movements can be traced, our likes and dislikes, our spending habits.

The second big fear is that each new and exciting technological development can be used for blatantly dishonest purposes. It’s easy to see how facial-recognition technology can help enable identity theft. Any kind of scam will be easier if it is made more personal, so for the unscrupulous, facial-recognition technology is a bonanza. For the unwary, this is a nightmare.
And it would also be easier to police people – something that has advantages as well as disadvantages. Will facial-recognition make it easier to catch criminals? That’s a definite – Yes. But obviously tracking the movements of innocent people is a violation of our civil liberties.
We can not be sure that facial-recognition technology will not be used unethically so are we willing to take this risk?

What are the advantages to us? I think the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages at present.
That this imbalance will change, remains to be seen.


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