Eureka moments



It’s awesome when you have those Eureka moments. I love documenting, organising, making lists, categorizing, explaining in writing what the goals are, what the vehicles are, how they should work, what is expected of each. It is a great process for me because after all of that the sudden moment of clarity comes. And the concept really takes shape.

Angry Birds – What not to do


OK, I’ll admit it, I play Angry Birds once in a while and study it a bit because it really is a fine example of a formula that works. Or rather, it was a fine example. There is nothing more annoying than paying for an app and then having ads shoved in your face. For a brief while, the marketing would pop-up in the middle of a gaming session. That was a huge mistake, and the backlash prompted a quick fix. Now, there are these annoying sidebars tempting you to buy something else from them. 
I get that if a product is not shoved under your nose you won’t find it, download it and give them more revenue than they could even dream of . . oh, wait, they’re at that point already, aren’t they? Never mind. I just wish you could turn it off, or see it only while the app loads.
 If I am really happy with an app, I do look at what else the developer has on offer. I don’t need constant ads to remind me. And what’s with the in-app purchases? Maybe instead of trying to squeeze another dime out of you they could just enhance the game with bonus features. I think they are trying to do too much. It’s like they are covering all the monetization models possible. Seriously, this is not necessary. They’ve got a good thing going.
Anyhow, they don’t need my advice. And I still look at them as a successful, if not a good model – of what to do and what NOT to do. 

Boston we stand with you

My thoughts today are with those injured in Boston and with their loved ones. Its horrifying that the need to perpetuate these senseless acts of violence seems to be a basic part of human nature. It has always been with us and always will be.

Though we will never be rid of it, we have to remind ourselves that for all the evil acts we witness daily, there are many, many acts of kindness and love. The goodness in humanity is what keeps us alive and moving forward.

Patton Oswalt expressed it so eloquently on Facebook. “The good outnumber you, and we always will.”

Finding the right approach


App builder

Must say, the hardest thing in app development for a non-programmer is finding a technical people or software to work with.

I’ve been through all the scenarios: paying a portion upfront and not receiving the full development. Working tirelessly with someone and getting a crap product, hoping you can pick it apart and salvage some of it.  I’ve tried ‘do it yourself kits’ and abandoned them quickly. I’ve tried working with Indians, working with Romanians, working with Americans, all with varying degrees of success and many lessons learned.

The biggest hurdle is behind me



I have one app in the store and one in progress. The first app sells one per day which, fortunately, I find more amusing than disappointing. I only did it to test the waters and the whole app process from A-Z. I firmly believe the first pancake is not the best, especially is you are an amateur.

This next app is the bigger one. Everything I’ve learned is being tested and I’m venturing into the marketing angle in a more formal and robust way.  Learning something new has always been a challenge and a pleasure.