Angry Birds – What not to do

OK, I’ll admit it, I play Angry Birds once in a while and study it a bit because it really is a fine example of a formula that works. Or rather, it was a fine example. There is nothing more annoying than paying for an app and then having ads shoved in your face. For a brief while, the marketing would pop-up in the middle of a gaming session. That was a huge mistake, and the backlash prompted a quick fix. Now, there are these annoying sidebars tempting you to buy something else from them. 
I get that if a product is not shoved under your nose you won’t find it, download it and give them more revenue than they could even dream of . . oh, wait, they’re at that point already, aren’t they? Never mind. I just wish you could turn it off, or see it only while the app loads.
 If I am really happy with an app, I do look at what else the developer has on offer. I don’t need constant ads to remind me. And what’s with the in-app purchases? Maybe instead of trying to squeeze another dime out of you they could just enhance the game with bonus features. I think they are trying to do too much. It’s like they are covering all the monetization models possible. Seriously, this is not necessary. They’ve got a good thing going.
Anyhow, they don’t need my advice. And I still look at them as a successful, if not a good model – of what to do and what NOT to do.