The advertising dilemma


In my next app, advertising will figure heavily since the app will be free. I think by now app users have resigned themselves to the fact that if they are getting something wonderful for nothing they can’t complain about Ads. I like the idea of Ad-free version but I’m not sure why anyone would find Ads so disruptive that they simply can’t bear to have them appear at all. So I wouldn’t offer an Ad-free version.

Now I’m debating all of the monetization possibilities and actually trying to come up with something new and very app-appropriate. This comes from the thought that, yes, advertising is really considered something negative in the user experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

So, these are the questions:

What if Ads aren’t the necessary evil? When are they an asset? What if an Ad actually enhances user experience? How can this happen?

And on the advertisers side of things, instead of them paying you to access your customer base, can an advertiser’s participation in your advertising model give you access to their existing customer base?

Any thought on this?


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