Focus is key

Photo 16-10-2011 11 48 58 I’ve tried to decide how useful social media really is and whether I want to bother with it at all. After fooling around with Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for a year, I thought that social media would not yield much as a marketing vehicle, and would end up to be a colossal waste of time. So I read a LOT and watched social media tutorials. Then, I listed the social media elements and decided to state what my expectations were from each of them. I suddenly found they were not useful as the usual marketing tools. The effort involved in maintaining them would not be justified. But, what I did find was that certain social media would be extremely valuable in unexpected ways.

The expectation changed, and the plan formed. I’m still not a fan of Facebook business pages and don’t see what that will yield except occasional exposure to the massive Facebook world. I’ve concluded that social media as a marketing tool is not entirely a write off. It would be a big mistake to spend all of your marketing energy too freely. Focus is key.