AppMakr – a great tool for bloggers going mobile


So I’ve been checking out AppMakr recently  since I’m investigating quick ways for website owners and bloggers to publish their content on mobile. I looked at AppMakr several years ago when I was writing the eBook and thought it had serious potential. Last year AppMakr launched GetSocialize, a drop-in social media plugin for apps, and that makes it super interesting to me. (GetSocialize was bought by ShareThis in March of this year)

Since I’m using GetSocialize for sharing in my current development, and I find it pretty powerful, AppMakr is now back on my radar and I thought I should test it out.

I’ve looked at similar software before. A while ago I signed up for Seattle Clouds thinking this might be the solution for really simple app developments, and while it probably is a good solution for some, I found it too expensive and complicated for the average, non-technical person.

AppMakr claims that you can build your app for free, no coding required. Now, I’ve long thought this kind of claim meant that someone behind the scenes was building the app for you in a bucket shop somewhere. Of course, I’ve no proof of that, just my thought because at the time this was a pretty impossible feat.

But it was obvious a few years ago that DIY is the goal and I think AppMakr has pulled it off. They seem to have really covered the basics and then some. They claim you can build your app in minutes – so I did just that. I took the RSS feed from this blog and started building. The tool allows you to make some basic color choices, upload icons and splash screens, plug in your RSS and you’re good to go. You don’t even have to do any more than that.


I haven’t yet investigated all the features like social sharing, monetization, push notifications, images galleries, etc. But so far, this looks like a super easy solution for bloggers. I haven’t published what I build so can’t determine how easy the publish process is.

The AppMakr monetization model is my favorite. There is nothing like getting something you really want for free and then looking at what you’ll get if you pay a little. This is a real winner for those who want proof of concept before opening their wallet.

AppMakr is a DIY tool that makes publishing an app super easy for an amateur. I think many bloggers would be seriously interested in this.