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Creating Apps – The Guide for Ordinary People

  • How to plan your project.
  • The importance of a good design.
  • How to find resources .
  • About the submission process.
  • Revenue models.
  • Marketing options.
  • What happens after it is published.


What’s in this book . . .

Design it – tricks of the design trade . 

angry birds

This is a storyboard from the Angry Birds app by Rovio.

“In this excellent example of a storyboard for Angry Birds, the players are identified, the sounds, and the rules.  The ambiance of the scene is well-illustrated.  Your storyboard does not have to be an artistic creation. Stick figures will do.  But it should communicate as much information as possible.

. . . Screen mockups go a long way to express your vision.  Many programmers can work with just the notion of what you want, but visual expression will explain more and raise more questions than text description alone.  ”


Build It – All the tips you’ll need . . .


“. . .Though all programs pre-installed on your mobile device are native not all apps have to be.  You have the option of developing a Web App, which is an Internet-based application that runs on the browser of the mobile device and where all or some parts of the software are downloaded from the Web each time it is run.  . . .Web Apps are typically designed to be accessible across different device platforms, meaning there is less device-specific customization.  They are easier to build than Native Apps, and distribute more quickly.  They are also easier to maintain.  “

Promote It – pricing and marketing, what are your choices? 


App advertising has become a popular way to promote apps.

“Many app publishers are creating “App Trailers,” mini-marketing films about their app.  You can’t help but be a huge fan of app trailers once you see one.  They basically record a simulation of your app and allow your potential customers to see your app in action.  It’s a great way to promote an app and find a good one.  For an audience conditioned by movie and video game trailers viewing an app’s trailer prior to download is becoming more and more popular, particularly in the gaming category. . .   “

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